Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New hope 新希望

Last week in Singapore, a few Singaporean friends asked me how was my country? They were perturbed by the change of political landscape in Malaysia. They looked across to Malaysia a rather chaotic situation prevailed.

I told them no worry. I am very happy with the situation at home. New state governments (or Opposition Government) brought new hope. I cited the example of Perak State Government issuing permanent land title to new villagers, 99 years lease-hold to landless fruit and vegetable farmers. No more worry of your ancestral home be acquired by the Government with miserable compensation or the land that you toiled be taken away to be given to rich rich politician.

For that, I am willing to give 5 years for them (to rule) plus another five years so that the former crooked and corrupted politicians who played with the welfare of the people, will not have a chance to come back.

In parliament, all MPs have to work hard. No more using the position for their own interest and lord over others. We have voice now, they are serving us, the people!

So far, I am satisfied with the political map of our country.






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