Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friendship 友谊

My friend William Ting from Kuching, called me yesterday to ask me to accompany him today for a visit to his old friend in SS 20, Petaling Jaya. William is the Head of Operation, DiGi East Malaysia, and is here for meeting.

We visited Mr and Mrs Chua at their house in SS 20 this afternoon. Mr. Chua (81) suffered a stroke five years ago and his wife (80) suffered a stroke seven years ago. Both have recovered except Mr. Chua is not able to speak clearly and his right hand is not strong. They stay with his eldest son and both look alert and in high spirit and in good mobility.

William and I have lunch at a nearby coffee shop. Later I sent him to airport for the 4:00 pm flight home.

Friendship is for life. I admire William's love and care for his old friend.

As always, William brought me Sarawak specialty -- Pepper !

古晋的老朋友玉安 ( William ) 昨天来电话,约我今天一同去探访他住在八打灵的老朋友蔡镇钊夫妇。玉安是 DiGi 东马区的营运首长,他是过来这里开会的。




向以往一样,玉安送给我沙劳越的特产 --- 胡椒 !

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