Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Marriage 新婚快乐

Last Saturday 6/7/2008, we attended the wedding dinner of Celestine and Sonia. Both are active youth in our parish. Sonia was the Youth Leader during my term as the Chairman of PPC. We worked closely together. She is a lovely lady, kind, dedicated, helpful and always smiling.

I wished them Happy Marriage and God bless them peace and joy in their marital union.

上个星期六,我们参加了堂区两位活跃青年, Sonia & Celetine,结婚宴会。Sonia 是在我担任堂区牧民议会主席任期 时,青年组的领袖。她和我合作的很好。她是个可爱的姑娘,善良,负责任,喜欢帮助别人,脸上常带笑容。


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