Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malaysia Boleh

After the revelation of a medical report on Saiful few days ago, interesting to note that Internal Security Minister, Director-General of Ministry of Health, Deputy Inspector-General of Police and Pusrawi, the Medical Centre concerned responded swiftly with different reaction, but all pointing to one direction - there is such a report.

At that time, Home Minister Syed Hamid also said that he hoped the investigation of Sodomy allegation involving Anwar could be completed as soon as possible.

At 5:45 pm today, while watching AlJazeela news, it was reported that Wan Azizah, wife of Anwar has resigned from her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat to make way for her husband to contest the by-election.

This is really a surprise for many. A few days ago, Anwar has announced his intention to contest in the disputed Kulim seat. Why the hurry now?

Earlier today, Syed Hamid, the Internal Security Minister revealed that the Police has completed the investigation of Anwar's sodomy report and submitted to AG office. It is up to the AG Chambers now to determine if a criminal charge should be moved against the Anwar. Something is coming real soon?!?!?

Meanwhile, another drama being unveiled. Anti-Corruption Agency has stepped in to investigate RM100 millions supply contract fraud of police equipments. A newspapers report described this was "a case of greed, corruption and malpractice involving senior government servants and police officers."

Among the shocking finds:

> Bullet-proof vests not according to specifications.
> Anti-riot helmets not subjected to test.
> Boots supplied to traffic Police and UN duty officers were not nail proof.
> and many more sub-standard equipments I "malu" to mention !

Imagine the scenario: policeman died in a shootout because a bullet ripped through his bullet-proof vest; riot police "kepala pecah olih batu' (head broken by stone) by rioter's stones ! Not to mention Malaysia UN peace-keepers in Timor Leste sustained foot injuries by nails and debris while patrolling the rioting areas ! Adui, sakit dan malu nya ! ( Adui, pain and shame le !)

Malaysia Boleh !

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