Friday, July 11, 2008

New shirts 买新衣

Today afternoon, my wife and I went to the Sales at Mid-Valley Megamall to buy myself some new shirts. Metrojaya offered 40-50% discount on East India brand apparels. I bought six pieces linen shirts (modeled below) and four T-shirts. It will last me for next two years.

We went to a Laksa Lodge to have Sarawak Laksa and Johor Laksa respectively. Pauline is good in making own Johor Laksa and we have tasted the authentic Sarawak Laksa in Kuching, so we give them 65 marks and 80 marks respectively. No bad lah...

今天下午,我和太太到吉隆坡谷中城的美罗百货公司,乘大减价之便,购买新衣。我喜欢穿麻布质的衣服,所以买了六件东印度品牌 (East India) 衣服(上图显示)及另四件 T-恤。这可够我用两年了。

我们也到一间叻沙 Laksa 专卖店,个别的品尝了柔佛叻沙和沙劳越叻沙。太太是会自制柔佛叻沙,就给该店的80分,而我们也在古晋吃过道地的叻沙,我就给65分,还算不错。

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