Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keep for yourself

Few days ago, Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim proposed that UiTM (University ITM)* allocate 10% places to non-Bumiputera and foreign students to allow UiTM students to gain more exposure and be friendlier to people of other races. His proposal was met with strong opposition from many quarters. The loudest came from about 3000 Uitm students who held a protest march to his office in Shah Alam to hand him a memorandum.

More students from other branch campuses had staged similar rallies over the past few days.

Politicians, students alike, they protested because they said UiTM strictly for Malay only. It is part of the Malay education Rights.

The issue is not new. According to Ong Tee Keat, the Transport Minister, the Cabinet has agreed to open up 10% of the UiTM Form Six classes (pre-U) to non-Bumi students many years ago (he was then a Deputy Minister of Higher Education). The same issue has been raised many times before, no protest, no shouting then...

Why the fuss over a proposal now? Nowadays, every turn of event is curried with political flavour if not politically motivated.

May I tell those students who are good in climbing coconut trees (their world is just as high and as big as they can see on top of the coconut trees), non-Bumi students are not keen to join this so called "exclusive university" simply they do not like the unfriendly environment and to be in an Institution of Racial Discrimination. But more importantly, UiTM? what? I beg your pardon!

They can keep and lock up their campuses to themselves and continue to produce more first class closed minded " kampong graduates "!!

They feel secure in their own cocoon.

Well, Permatang Pauh by-election is on going, more protest will be staged and Malay rights issues will surface.

To my friends in Permatang Pauh, even you have a Mandarin-Hokkien-speaking "kaki-lang" (own people) BN nominee, Bumi and Non-Bumi matters !

*UiTM - University Institute Technology MARA.

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