Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parental love 父母心

Exactly one month before Elizabeth leaves for Scotland, we got her a new toy today.... oops... actually a new tool - an Apple Notebook. She needs this higher end computer for her study which involves graphic and design.

This is parents' "Heart Blood" (means tender love and hard earned money in Chinese). We wished her well and will benefit from this powerful tool and doing best in her studies.

And she is very happy - from her smile.... you know !

Video - Unwrapping the TOOL录影

今天,刚好还有一个月的时间,小女儿就要飞往苏格兰了。我们给了她一件新玩具。。。哦哦。。是新工具 --- 一台苹果手提电脑。她需要一部较高档的电脑,因为她的课程会有很多的图像和绘测。



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