Sunday, November 2, 2008

沾花惹草有烦恼 Planting trouble







My knee condition has been my reason and excuse for inactivity. It is also the cause of me putting on weight.

We have a few pots of Bonsai plant needed soil change and pruning. I have procrastinated for a few months. In fact we have many other potted plants needed regular care, but my wife has taken over the job. I am lazy.

This evening, I sensed the urgency for action. Any further delay will cause not only protest from the plants but also incur the wrath from my wife.

I picked the biggest and oldest of the lot to begin with. Lazy workman, good excuse.... it drizzled... But I told myself "steady...don't stop" otherwise I will never start again.

The Bonsai were given to us by my parents in law when we moved in to this house about 25 years ago. So all the Bonsai must be more than 35 years old now.

It was a tedious work. Cleaning soil, trimming roots..... it needed two evening to complete one plant.

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Pauline said...

Alas! you have started with one. Slow & steady win the race but don't stop. Otherwise, it will take many moons to complete it. The poor bonsais.