Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Highway Robbery 大道强盗

About 20 years ago, when North-South Highways was opened, the toll charges for Sg. Besi Toll Plaza to Kajang was RM0.50. When the closed toll system was implemented later, the rate was RM0.40. Today, the toll of this same stretch of road I traveled is RM1.80.

Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) was opened about 10 years ago. From Kajang to Puchong, I have to pay RM1.00 then. Today, I have to pay RM1.60.

Kajang-Cheras Highway was completed almost the same time as LDP. There were 2 toll collection plaza from Kajang to Cheras-KL, charging RM0.30 and RM0.40 each then. Today, I have to pay RM0.90 and RM1.00.

We called the highway toll collections as "Highway Robbery". As Kajang residents, we are heavily "robbed", practically we have to pay toll for whichever way we go.

For the past 20 years, the toll charges has been increased once in every two to three years
approved by the Government. When we protested and asked why, the Government said it was provided in the contracts. When we asked what contract? we were told the contract between the Government and the highway concessionaires are official secret, cannot be revealed. It all happened during the reign of Samy Vellu as the Public Works Minister. He was the protector of the concession companies. (of course he also repersented the Government)

I disliked him so much that whenever his face appeared in TV, I would switch channel or switch off the TV. Don't ask me what I do when I see his face in the newspapers..... remember I have many dogs !?!?! ;D

March 8 was the day of change. Today we have a new Public Works Minister. Minister changed, things changed. The latest news is that the Government is talking with the concession companies to review the toll rate with the possibility of reduction. And the Government is also considering the declassification of toll concession agreements "based on the fact that it felt the public had an inherent right to know where and how their tax monies were being used and the non-disclosure clauses had been widely interpreted to mean that the contracts are skewed to favor the concession companies. "

This is unbelievable and unheard of before March 8.

"Long Live the Spirit of March 8 ! "

"Hidup Tiga Lapan !"

大约二十年前,南北大道刚通车,从新街场到加影的路段,收费是五角钱。后来,从吉隆坡到新山的全程通车后,改用了关闭式系统,收费是四角钱。今天,同一段路途,我需付一元八角 (RM1.80).




在过去的二十年里,大道公司几乎每两至三年,被政府允准调高路费一次。当人民问为什么?政府说这是在合约里面的。当被问什么合约?政府说和大道公司的合约是官方机密文件,不可公布。这些都是在三美维鲁掌管公共工程部时发生的。 他是大道公司的护卫者,当然他也是代表政府。

我非常的厌恶这个脸皮如牛皮的家伙。每当电视机出现他的脸孔的时候,我会转频道或关上电视。不要问我假如在报纸上看到他的照片时怎么办。。。。不过我家养了几只狗 !? ;D

三月八号是个改变的日子。今天我们有了一位新的公共工程部部长。部长换了,事情也改变了。根据最新的消息,政府已经和各大道公司讨论了如何降低道路收费。内阁也在考虑将大道公司的合约解密,而向外公布,因为“ 政府觉得人民有权利知道他们所缴纳的税款如何被使用,假如受隐瞒,那就会引起他们误解,以为合约是偏袒大道公司 ”。



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