Sunday, November 16, 2008

use it or loose it 用他或失去它

Use it or loose it !

This is the five words Fr. William, quoting from a Bible scholar, used on summing up today's Gospel reading about the talents.

Each of us is given by God certain talent and charisma, and is expected to use them for the service of the community and benefit of others. If we not making use of them, "for to everyone who has (used them) will be given more, and he will have more than enough; but for the man who has not (used them), even what he has will be taken away..." (Mathew 25:29)

He also said that we need not do great thing, but do the small and normal thing extraordinary well. Incidentally, this is the belief of the Founder of the Legion of Mary, Bro. Frank Duff as he said: “Everyone can be saint by doing ordinary thing extraordinary well in pleasing God”.


这是威廉神父引用一位圣经专家的一句话,来概论今天关于塔冷通 (货币)的福音。

我们每一个人都领受了各种不同的才能(天赋),以便能够为团体或他人服务,造福社会或人群。假如没有善于利用,那么“凡是有(善用)的,还有给他,叫他充裕;那没有(善用)的连他所有的,也要由他手中夺去。。。) 玛 25:29

他也说,我们不必去做显赫大事,但只需去从小做起,只要把它做的特别的好。 这也和圣母军创始人杜辉兄弟说的吻合:“每个人都可以成为圣人,只要把普通的事,做的非常的好,以能取悦于天主。”

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