Sunday, December 7, 2008

Down south 南下

On Friday 5/12/08, we came to Johor Baru. We have an wedding invitation from Pauline's cousin sister in Singapore for her daughter's wedding on Saturday.

Early Saturday morning, we left for Singapore at 8:00 am to avoid congestion at the Causeway. The wedding Mass was held at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Serangoon area. We stayed on for the dinner in the evening and returned to Johor Baru at mid-night. (Adrian & Evelyn, right)

I tried out my GPS set and found it to be very accurate and helpful.

We will be home on Tuesday.


我和太太在星期五, 5/12/08 南下到新山,因为我们受太太的表姐邀请,星期六出席她女儿出嫁婚礼。




Janet and Victor at tea ceremony 敬茶礼

Xmas at Orchard Road 乌节路的圣诞装饰

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