Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Farewell 告别

After the funeral of Fr. Leo Chang, everyone was exhausted, more so for our Parish Priest Fr. William. He has to oversee all the arrangement for the funeral, right from choosing the coffin, selecting the burial plot, liturgy, logistic for big turnout of priests, applying Police permit for funeral procession.....

The leaders were also busy putting plan into action..... all because we wanted to give Rev. Fr. Leo Chang a grand farewell!

Yes, it was the grand and befitting farewell for a priest who has offered his entire life for the service of the people. He deserved it.

The Requiem Mass was celebrated by His Grace, Archbishop Murphy Pakiam and 45 priests, 5 Deacons. Many Religious Brothers and Sisters and about 2000 parishioners from far and near parishes that Fr. Leo Chang has served attended the celebrations.

After the Mass, Archbishop led the priests and people walked in procession from the church to the Catholic Cemetery a Kilometer away.

It was a beautiful and emotional farewell.

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殡葬弥撒由巴吉安总主教主祭,45 位神父,5位执事共祭。许多修女及修士,及约有2000名来自本堂,及张神父曾服务过的远近堂区教友,共同参礼。



More pictures更多照片

Video @ Youtube 录影 (5:40)

Fr. Leo in picture @ Youtube 照片录影


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