Sunday, December 21, 2008

goodbye 再见

My God-daughter Agnes has been teaching in Kuala Lumpur for more than six years. At last she got her wish to be transferred back to Penang, her hometown starting new school year 2009.

She and her husband Gary, together with baby Samantha, came to bid us farewell. We are going to miss them especially the lovable little girl.

我的乾女儿Agnes 在吉隆坡教书已经有六年了。她终於得偿所愿,申请被批准,从2009学年开始,调派回家乡槟城。

她和丈夫 Gary, 小宝宝 Samantha, 今早到来和我们告别。我们将会很想念他们,特别是那可爱的小家伙。


Pauline said...

6 years has passed by so fast. I was recollecting the time when Agnes first came down for her posting and I will pick her up on Fridays after her class to spend the weekend with us and drop her off on my way to work on Mondays.
Then she got married, had her baby and still spend time with us though not as frequent. Now that she, Gary and Samantha are back in Penang, we are going to miss them. That calls for another holiday destination for us - PENANG.

Simon Phun said...

Godma, you are Godgrandma redy!!!