Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sad news 伤心的消息

Fr. Bi, the Parish Priest of the Church of the St. Francis Xavier at the home village of Fr. Leo Chang, called at 1:20 pm to inform that Joseph Chang, the only elder brother of Fr. Leo Chang, died at about 12:30 pm after a short illness. He was not informed of Fr. Leo's death due to his health condition. He was 10 years older than Fr. Leo Chang.

A sad news but it is God's will. When Fr. Leo chang went back to his home village in June this year, his normally quiet and serious-face elder brother became very talkative and jovial. He was always by the side of Fr. Leo. When Fr. left, with tears in his eyes, he told Fr. to take care of himself especially his health. Fr. Leo was also very happy during the visit. He always talked and joked with his elder brother, holding his hands, showing brotherly affection. Fr. also repaired his parents' graves. When we left, I supposed they both knew that it was their last union on earth.

I am grateful to God for allowing my wife and I to accompany Fr. Leo Chang made his last visit home. I am glad to meet the brother, and witnessed the happy times Fr. Leo enjoyed in his stay in Yunnan. We will always cherish this wonderful times in our hearts.

May their souls rest in peace. May the two brothers and their parents, through the Mercy of God, reunited and enjoy eternal happiness in heaven.





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