Thursday, March 26, 2009

cute and smart

Our old friend, Mary Chong from Tawau, came over with her husband to visit their son Bernard in Beremban, Melaka. We took this opportunity to meet them at Bernard's house today.

Bernard is married to Marisa and they have two children. They are cute and smart.

Mary will be leaving for Dundee, Scotland on 29-3-09 to stay for about six months with her youngest daughter over there.

Aiman (right) with younger sister Mimi in front of their parents wedding photo

我们的斗湖老朋友,Mary Chong 和丈夫过来西马,到马六甲探望儿子Bernard. 我们乘此机会,今天南下马六甲去和他们见面。

Bernard 已经结婚,太太名Marisa。他们育有两名可爱又聪明的孩子。Mary 将在三月二十九号,飞去苏格兰的丹迪,探望最小女儿,并会在那里居留大约六个月。

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