Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

We have just concluded the "Earth Hour" 2009 in Malaysia.

Switching off lights for one hour is no problem at all for a household. But many have chosen not to. My opposite big bungalow continued with bright lights on, inside and outside (pic below).

We took a short drive round my area, got to have head lights on, and noticed about 10 % of household participated.

It was a quiet, cool and peaceful one hour. We chatted. It was a family hour too.

May be we can try harder next time. Good luck to Mother Earth.


普通家庭,关上电灯一小时,是轻而易举的事,但有许多却不以为然。我家对面的豪宅就是继续的灯火通明,屋内 、屋外(下面照片)。

我们驾车出去邻近看看,当然要开灯了, 发觉大约10 % 的屋子参与这行动。

这是一个清凉 、宁静及平安的一小时。我们在闲谈打发这时间,所以这也是家庭的一小时。


The party spoiler 运动捣蛋者

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