Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our housemaid 我们的佣人

We got up at 5 this morning.

We left for KLIA at 6 to send off our housemaid Yani to go back to his kampong at Medan, Indonesia... for good. She has been working for us for the past three years.

When the earthquake and tsunami struck Aceh on 26th December 2004, Yani, a single parent, was staying at the epic center Nias Island off Sumatera mainland. They survived by escaping in time to the higher ground.

With home and livelihood destroyed, they moved to Medan. She decided to look for a more lucrative job overseas to support her 2 children and parents*.

Leaving behind two young children was not easy for her. 3 years in Malaysia has saved up enough of money for her to start life anew in Indonesia.

Last night, bidding farewell to us, she down on her knees to express her gratefulness and asked for forgiveness of her any wrong doing. As our appreciation to her trustworthiness and hard work, we presented her a souvenir to mark the 3-year stay with us .... not a Lorex, but a genuine Seiko lady wrist watch.

She is going home to a new environment different from the day she left three years ago. She has to re-adjust herself to the life back home.

We wish her well in her new life. May God bless her and family, especially her two young sons, with good health and happiness.

As for us, we have to adjust our lives too. Pauline decided not to employ new maid. So from today onwards, we will assume the new identity: Pauline and Simon a.k.a Maria and Mario........ :D

I am washing my cup already.....

* Her father passed away a year ago without seeing her.


六点正,我们就驱车前往吉隆坡国际机场,欢送我们的佣人雅妮 Yani 回印尼棉兰的故乡。她已和我们工作三年了,不会再到回来续约。







至于我们,也需要作出调整,而太太也决定不再聘请新的家佣。如此这样,我们的身份也做出相同的改变。从今天起,我们的另一个新的身份是:玛丽亚和玛丽欧。。。。 :D


* 她的爸爸在一年前逝世,没机会和她见面。


Pauline said...

To have a trusted maid is difficult to come by these days. I count on God's blessings to stay healthy so that I can do the household chores and do not need to engage a maid.

Jonathan said...

Yes. But having Yani around gave me a sense of security that at least you guys have someone to fall back on if you guys are not in/unwell etc. Now with only Maria and Mario and Mei-mei coming home, brace yourself for some unruliness! LOL.