Saturday, May 2, 2009

Holiday at farm 园庄假期

Holiday at Farm is.... relaxing (Joyce)

The Farm is a comfortable place for relaxing ... back to the nature.

Many people loved The Farm. It is natural, simple and refreshing.

Paul Chan of Singapore is one of the many. He came last August with a bus load of his parish choir members. He came back again today with his family and a bus load of friends from Holy Trinity Parish consisting of choir members, legionaries and their families and freinds.

Farm is fresh, green and peaceful as ever.

My wife and I went to the Farm to meet up with them and spent the whole evening there. We were happy to see our little friend Joyce and he elder sister Grace. Our two little dogs were having a jolly time too with attention and pampering given by them.

Holiday at Farm is .... friends chatting..

The Farm (园庄)是一个度假放松的好地方。。回到大自然。

很多人喜欢这个地方。自然 、朴素无华 、令人心旷神怡。

新加坡的国良就是其中的一位。去年的八月,他带领一辆巴士的歌咏团的成员到来度假。今天他又再次造访,带领家人及圣神堂的歌咏团 、圣母军团员及家人和朋友,在田庄做客。

The Farm 园庄还是那么的青翠 、清新和平静。

我和太太下午到了那里和他们相会,共渡了整个下午及傍晚。我们很高兴的看到了我的小老朋友Joyce 和她的姐姐 Grace。我们的两只小狗也同行,受到她们的宠爱,也高兴极了。

Holiday at Farm is ...sharing God's Word

Holiday at Farm is ...having fun
园庄假期是 。。。有趣

Holiday at Farm is .... good food

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