Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会 (9)

Warm welcome by Parish Priest at Christ the King

It was a really a long…long day. It started with morning call at 6:30am, breakfast at 7:00am and left the hotel for the day’s itinerary at 8:00am, and ended at Kaoshiong at 11:00 pm., a 14-hour day. The journey from Hua Lian to Pintung was winding and bumpy at times, made many members throwing out.

Anthony and his Brunei members parted company with us today. They took a different route because they are flying home tonight via Taipei.

For the almost 500 km, 14-hour journey, we managed to visit two tribal churches only, But it was worth while.

The first church we visited was a in a tribal area called Tulan Christ the King Church in Pintung County. The parish priest who is a Penan together with the parishioners in colorful tribal dresses, lined up to welcome us and treated us to an authentic tribal lunch under a big tent. They also entertained us with traditional dances and songs.

The local legionaries, mostly with 30 years membership were excited by our visit. It was the first time they met so many fellow legionaries from so many countries and areas.

After the Christ the King Church we visited the Church of Immaculate conception in another town called Zhiben, a Hamlet near Wulai, a hot spring resort and tourist area.The Auxiliary Bishop and parish priest greeted us warmly. We attended Mass at this unique and beautiful church celebrated by His Lordship. He briefed us on the history of the church and expressed gladness of our visit. This is also the first time such big crowd from so many areas came to the church.

We were treated to a light refreshment with fruits of the season especially the Lychee.

We left for Kaoshiong via Pintung after dinner.




Cute little tribal boy with Justina, one of our members





Immaculate Conception Church and Aux. Bishop celebrated Mass

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