Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lest we forget

I have visited the Australian Sandakan-Ranau Death March War Memorial at Ranau and Sandakan. A striking sign at the entrance gate: Lest We Forget them.

So lest we forget the death of Teoh Beng Hock, a bright young man who died mysteriously under the detention of MACC (Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission).

The decision of the Government to set up a Royal Commission to investigate the procedure and tactics of investigation of MACC is just a strategy of distraction and deception.

Remember The Royal Commission To Enhance The Operation And Management of The Royal Malaysia Police? The Royal Commission on Lingam's tape? Do you see any action? Does the government accept the findings and recommendations? No, but just a bull shit show!

The police is investigating the death of Teoh under the custody of MACC. The people have no confidence in the police because list of deaths under its detention too.

The real cause of Teoh's death will most probably never be known.

It is a matter of lacking confidence and trust on BN government, whether it is headed by Abdullah or Najib.

But we must have the confidence on ourselves - WE, The People. The changes in the country so far, inclusive of the setting up of the Royal Commission after Teoh's death, are the result of the people's power!

Najib is doing quite well because he knows the strengh and heeds the voices of the people. But sadly, there are still many government officers, agencies and "little Napoleons" thinking the people are still "bloody fool".

Lest we forget Beng Hock's death,
Lest we forget we, the people, can make changes,
Lest we forget March 8 2008 is the beginning of the changes,
Lest we forget, we must be united to continue the changes!

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