Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surprise visitor 不速之客

Attended a full-moon Chinese dinner. We arrived at the restaurant at about 7:pm, but it started late and ended at 10:30 pm. Chinese dinner function is a tedious "job"!

When we arrived home, we found a surprise visitor ....

The last time we met was 21 years ago at his mother's funeral in Port Dickson. Mok looked no much different after more than 20 years except receding hair line. He is sending his daughter off to New Zealand and decided to drop by for a brief visit/

今晚参加了一个满月宴会, 七点就到了餐馆,但宴会很迟才开始,到了十点半才结束。参加华人宴会实在是件很吃力的差事!



Mok (3rd from left) and daughter Jolene (1st left) and son Joel (4th left)

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