Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old friend 老朋友

I get all my household fittings from my friend's hardware shop in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail in Petaling Jaya. Besides special prices, more importantly, I am getting quality products.

I know Ah Hai (Stanley Ng) for 35 years.

This morning I went there to get new basin taps for my house. He sported long hair... I suggested to him to tie a pony tail to have a "new look". We reminisced on our younger days when Tancho hair cream ruled the days... a type of sticky hair cream from Japan, and the all time favourate - the Vitalis hair tonic! Those were the good-hair days.

His shop is located at Jln Tun Mohd Fuad Satu, Taman Tun, next door to Alliance Bank. Tell him you are my friend to enjoy special discount!!:D

The professional plumbing white tape from Ah Hai's shop only. On the right is ordinary filmsy common white tape.



今天早上,我到他的店购买厨房洗碗盆的水龙头,看到他留着长头发。我建议他留长些,绑一条小辫子,改变 “形”像。我们不禁的谈起我们的时代,使用当时最畅销及流行的『丹顶』发膏,还有那是也是很流行的维他力护发品。。。想当年的发型。。。

他的五金店就在敦依斯麦花园商业区 (Jln Tun Mohd Fuad Satu),和Alliance Bank 隔壁。你只要说是我的朋友,也会享受到特价的优待!!:D

D.I.Y ,material cost only. RM 100.00 extra if you call in the plumber.


Pauline said...

Oh, you can still buy Tancho. I saw it a Mydin while browsing around with Sharifah last week and we talking about it.

溪水信女 said...

Hey! My dear dad also only use Tancho and no other brands leh. 该是“丹顶”吧!头发发亮到苍蝇也站不住叻。是的,某些洋货店还可以买到,但是,质改了……

Simon Phun said...

Ya, Sister, we are Tancho users... means your Lau Beh and us are same period ... we are old lol!!!