Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A lazy afternoon 懒散的下午

Yesterday evening, en route to Seremban to visit my second elder sister who suffered a mild stroke a week ago, we stopped by the FARM.

It is the best time of the day to be there. The sun light rested lazily on the leaves before setting. The shades provided cool air. Cool breeze started blowing.... birds singing their last songs before heading homes for the night.

For two hours brief stop, fresh air, cool breeze, trees, flowers, birds singing... rejuvenated my tired body.

Before sunset, we left for Seremban. My sister was recovering from slight memory lapse, otherwise, physically, she was fine.

昨天下午,我和太太下芙蓉去探访我的二姐,她在一个星期前轻微的中风。途中,我们先到FARM 溜溜。





queen_of_bee said...

i also want to lazy...

Simon Phun said...

Plan for a families outing in 2010, let us all go lazzzzzzyingggggg!

queen_of_bee said...

ok. let me check with my members. merry christmas & happy birthday in advance :)