Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vincent Lim 林顺德

Today afternoon, the above pictured cool handsome man came to visit me at my Sg Buloh office. He is none other than Vincent Lim, the Vice-Chairman of Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese Chinese Language Apostolate Commission (KL-ACLA).

He brought me a Christmas music CD produced by a group of youth to spread the good news of Christ. They are young adults from Bentong, Mantin and Kuala Lumpur, and many of them are non-Christians. Later we went for coffee at a nearby coffee shop.

Vincent is a successful Insurance agent specializing in Saving policy.


他特地给我带来了一片CD, 是由一群年轻人制作的圣诞节歌曲【大喜讯圣诞歌集】,目的是要与更多人分享耶稣福音的喜讯。这群年轻人来自文冬,文丁及吉隆坡,其中有些是非教友。




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