Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodbye 再见

We attended Sunday Mass at the Church of Mary Immaculate, Kota Kinabalu where Jonathan serves in the Choir.

The church is the smaller version of our Holy Family Church in Kajang in term of structure and interior.

Apparently, Jonathan has not much time to say goodbye to his choir members ....

However, today the parish also celebrating the Pesta Ke'amatan, so the Mass ended with a high note, fittingly, Shine Jesus Shine! diluted the feelings of goodbye.

For a young man leaving a place which has been his home for almost 2 years and many friends behind.... surely is a sad thing.

But life must goes on... with God blessing, I wish my son a happy and fruitful posting in Melaka. For Kota Kinabalu and all the people who had been looking after him, befriending him, I said Thank you and God bless you too....

For those otherwise not included, Don't cry for me Argentina.....

Fittingly, a bowl of KK famous Ngiu Cap Mee (Mixed beef noodle) concluded our KK trip.

今早我们到亚庇的玛丽亚无染原罪堂参加主日弥撒。儿子政安 Jonathan 是这里的歌咏团成员。








Goodbye my friends 再见朋友

Goodbye ngiu cap 再见牛杂面

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