Monday, May 24, 2010

St.Benedict Convent in Danshui 淡水圣本笃修院

It was a short but fruitful trip.

However, the 3 days in Taipei were dashing between airport, a convent, a monastery, a religious center and airport. It was a Holy Dash...

I arrived at Taipei at about 4:00pm with 3 other friends - Robert, Jane and Christina. Except Robert, Christina was the uni-mate of Sr. Marie, and Jane through church activities. They would attend the Solemn Profession and stay back for a retreat.

We were welcomed by the Sisters at the St. Benedict Convent in Danshui, north of Taipei. The Sisters had prepared for us comfortable rooms and delicious meals.

At night we had the opportunity to visit the night market of Danshui town and tried out the various local hawker food. (more pictures at Facebook)



我在星期六傍晚四时左右抵达台北。同行的有贵才(Robert), 妙琴(Jane)和慧娜(Christina)。除了贵才他不认识之外,慧娜是玛丽亚修女(金燕)的大学同学,而妙琴则透过教会活动,认识玛丽亚修女。他们三人都会和我一同参加发愿典礼(主要目的),然后留在圣本笃修院作避静。



(posted at the Taipei Airport 写于台北机场)

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