Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My world cup TV dinner

Lily, our motherly Yoga teacher and friend nearby, brought me Petai Rice for dinner. She is a good cook and the Petai Rice is yamyam delicious! This is my World Cup TV dinner tonight!

住在我们家附近的好朋友及瑜伽老师莉莉,傍晚送过来她亲手煮的 “臭豆饭”(Petai)。她的烹饪术非常了不起,当然她的臭豆饭好吃极了。这就是我今晚的世界杯电视晚餐!


queen_of_bee said...

yum yum! you have "ngoi sum fan harp" also!

Simon Phun said...

"ngoi sum fan harp" = 爱心饭盒

Sure, there is NGOI every where! but I dare you to bring this Petai Fan Harp to the office!!

queen_of_bee said...

haha! i dare not lor.
people might thought got "gas leakage" or "who fart??"!

pee pee also smelly! but i love petai!! yum yum!