Friday, June 4, 2010

安息主怀 Rest in peace









Yesterday evening, I sent an SMS in Mandarin to friends staying in Kajang.

『Danny Lee passed way this morning, his body would be laid at the church parlour. He was baptised 3 years ago and left behind wife and two daughters. Please, if you are available, come for the wake and prayer to show support to his family』.

Danny and wife left home at about 6:30 pm for Kajang. Before reaching the bus stop, Danny collapsed. His wife dragged him to the bus stop. With the help of some students at the bus stop to support Danny, she went to the road trying to flag down cars to send her hustband to hospital. Many cars passed by but none stop. At last a bus came but also refused to take Danny. After pleading and crying, the bus conducted agreed drag Danny up to the bus and sent him to hospital. Upon arrival, doctor certified that he has died.

Danny was a lorry driver and lived a simple but stable life. But about 3 years ago, he had a fall and landed on his head. He was in coma and in critical condition for days. Doctor cut a piece of his skull to release pressure and the clot. He was saved but took almost a year to recovered. But the re-attachment of the skull disfigured his face. His right side (around the temple) was depressed and his face disfigured. His coordination movement suffered too. He was not able to work nor any one to employ him. His family survived on the meager income from collecting card boards and re-cycled items.

His wife and 2 daughters (age 13 and 15) had lost the pillar of the house.

The kind undertaker did not charge the family any expenses on the funeral including the coffin. All collections from friends and fellow Catholics would be given to the wife for their living expenses.

Besides 15 legionaries, many, including English speaking and fellow India parishioners, came for the wake.

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