Friday, September 3, 2010

Joke of jokes 天大笑话

Blogger Hassan Skodeng wrote a joke in his blog in March 25 entitled " TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour ".

In this post, he wrote that TNB Chief called a pressed conference to denounce WWF as green terrorist for heralding the world-wide energy saving campaign. TNB (Tenaga National Bhd National Energy Company) would take legal action against WWF (World Wide Fund) for organising the Earth Hour causing the company "millions in unrealised revenue".

That was a lively piece, a good joke and parody.

People with sound mind, or anyone who is able to surf the net, would know and appreciate this joke with a sweet smile.

But this is no joke ... at least to TNB and some humourless big-faced and stone-faced government officials. TNB lodged a complaint to MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) against the blogger.

On Sept 2, MCMC charged Hassan Skodeng in court for posting a false blog entry with the intention of causing hurt to the feelings of others !!!!???!!! THIS IS A REAL JOKE AND LAUGHING STOCK !!

Hassan Skodeng, whose real name is Irwan Abdul Rahman, 36 , is an editor of The Malay Mail and a cartoonist. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on bail.

So be careful, not only blogger, watch what you say in coffee shops and mamak stores, someone from MJMC (Malaysian Joke Muting Commission) is at your back catching your jokes ... and charging you in court!

Beware of people not laughing at jokes.. these are the people robbing us Malaysians of fun and humour. They must be neutralized ... by legal and rightful ways!

一位名为哈山斯可登的部落客,于今年三月二十五日,在他的部落格发表了一则虚拟故事,题目 “ 国能(国家能源公司 TNB)将起诉世界自然基金会(WWF)的帖子。




但这不是笑话。。。至少对那些缺乏幽默感的大人物及那些面无表情的政府官员。九月二日,大马通讯及多媒体委员会(MCMC)在法庭提控了这位部落客,因为他在网上贴放假讯息,伤害了他人的感受 !?!?!? 这才是天大的笑话,天大的笑柄!?!?!!!


各位,不只是部落客,你们也得小心在咖啡店,麻麻档时,小时你们说的笑话,可能在你的后面,就有『马来西亚肃笑委员会』 (MJMC) 的成员,偷听你的笑话。。。然后控告你上法庭。。!!

小心那些对笑话不笑的人 。。。。这些都是剥夺我们马来西亚公民的生活乐趣及幽默的人,应该给铲除 。。。当然是利用合法及正确的途径啦!

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