Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome home 欢迎

After 3 years and 3 months, Fr. Julian Leow celebrated his first Mass at the chapel of the Church of the Holy Family at 7:00 am this morning.

Thanks and gratitude to God, it is so blessed to see him again.

Fr. Julian who was then our Parish Priest, left for Rome 3 years ago to study Church History. He will be teaching at the Penang College General in a week's time.

About 70 parishioners attended the morning Mass and then to a breakfast reception to celebrate his home coming.

May God bless Fr. Julian in his new assignment.

(More pics on Facebook)更多照片

离开了加影圣家教堂大约三年三 个月后,廖神父在今早七时,第一次到回小圣堂庆祝了平日弥撒。






Julian said...

Dear Simon & Pauline,

It was great to be back in HFK and to see all of you again. It was sterling Kajang hospitality and I was humbled by the welcome!

Not sure if it was my failing eye-sight but all of you looked 'younger'! My only regret was not able to visit more of you and spend more time 'catching up' with news. I guess there will be more opportunities when I come back to visit again, when Colege General Seminary closes for vacation in mid-Dec.

Take care and God Bless always.

Simon Phun said...

Dear Fr. HFK is your home away from home...always welcome here. Hopefully when time permits, you conduct talks on Church History..all of us will surely benefit from it.

Take care and have a good time to be a professor in CG.