Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catechetical Jamboree 主日学生活营

Two weeks before leaving for holiday, an invitation to conduct a 3-hour session to a group of Mandarin speaking secondary students at our parish year end 3-day Catechetical Jamboree was sent to me.

Knowing the difficulties facing the Mandarin speaking community of finding facilitators, I accepted the invitation even though talking to youth is an unenviable task to me. I am weak in conducting session for youth.

This morning at 9:30 am, I faced a group of 30 enthusiastic youths .... ha ha ... to my surprise, many of them are my Facebook friends!

Their warm welcome settled me immediately....

The theme of the day is "walking with the Lord".

Besides the usual inputs, I sent them out in groups for a "walk with Jesus" to Kajang town, allowing them to see their familiar town through the eyes of Jesus.

A video presentation on the lives of 3 blind, severe mentally impaired youth was screened and discussion followed.

I thought it was a good session.

A total of 380 Catechism students, (primary & secondary schools), from 4 languages participated in this Jamboree. They will have camp fire party tonight.

My greatest respect and appreciation to the teachers and volunteers who have been working very hard towards the organisation of this camp.

Praise the Lord.

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