Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali 屠妖节

Today is Deepavali, the Festival of Lights .......... and sound and food (goodness)!

At 12:00 midnight, thunderous sound of firecrackers, fireworks heralded the arrival of this festival of good triumphs over evil. It lasted almost an hour in my area.

My wife, house maid Agnes and I went to visit the homes of two workers at noon. Delicious food and goodies awaiting us.

We also visited Ramaday, old friend of Pauline who is an antique bikes collectors.

Curry chicken, kurma chicken, curry fish, prawns, crabs .......

Uncle Samy, wife and grand nephews and nieces

在我的居处,从午夜十二时开始,响亮的炮竹和烟花,响彻了整一个小时,迎接这个庆节的到来。所以,屠妖节,也可以被称为光明,音响及美食的佳节 我和太太及家佣,在中午时候,拜访了两位工人的家。许多美食正等待着我们的到来。 过后我们也拜访了太太的一位老朋友,他是一位古董摩多单车收集者。

Antique Ducati

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