Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello mate ! 到了!

It was something got to do with the Indonesian volcanic eruption... that's the pilot said.

The plane flew a slight detoured route to avoid ashes, it took 8 1/2 hours to reach Sidney, Australia.

Eight and a half hours! backside also pained... mentally exhausted.

The tiredness was quick forgotten when we were received by Susan, Pauline's sister in Johor Baru, and husband Tony, at the airport. They were in Sydney much earlier and was staying at his son Ben's house.

A pot of warm and delicious porridge cooked by Nan's mothrer was awaiting us ... yummy yummy after a long flight.

Sydney is 3 hours ahead of Kuala Lumpur, and the temperature is about 19 degree Celsius.

At Ben's house (seated front). It is Mango season.




不过,见到了太太的妹妹及妹夫,在机场迎接我们,所有的疲惫都给忘怀了。他们是早好多个星期就到了悉尼,住在大儿子Ben 的家里。


澳洲现仍处于春天,温度大约是 摄氏19度左右,和吉隆坡是三个小时的时差。

The porridge sister


Mei said...

Yum yum porridge...especially with century egg...*sluurrrpp* It's SO cold here. I want peanut porridge, century egg porridge and all the nice soups!

Simon Phun said...

haahahah...you can have them all... in your dream..for the time being. when you get back you can have them all, hot and nice!

smurfy said...
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Adeline said...

LOL Bird, go boil yourself lar, some more you've got crockpot.

Dad, enjoy yourself and say hi to everyone!!