Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 ladies 两位女士

A tale of 2 ladies.

In Burma, the Lady is Aung San Suu Kyi, the world most famous political prisoner in recent years. I respect and admire her.

"Suu Kyi is beautiful, a 65-year-old sylph who wears jasmine in her hair .... (her fortitude) a stalk of bamboo swaying in the winds yet never snapping" (TIME, Nov 29 issue).

"Suu Kyi stands as one of the few most enduring symbol of moral courage.."

She was detained for 15 years out of 21 years in Burma by the Burmese military Junta and released on Nov 13.

She cries for her country but not for herself.

She sacrifice for her country and people, not the country and people for her.

In Malaysia, we have a lady who "nearly cried" for herself, not for the country. She is not a lady of courage, nor a symbol of moral. She is a lady of pleasure and leisure, a lady of bitchiness... teaching women how to please men ....

She is trying very hard to attract/lure high profile, high society dignitaries coming to Malaysia.... by flying and spending lavishly all over the world with big entourage.

She is Malaysia Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen.

Her ministry paid out one million Ringgit allowances to Jimmy Choo (international shoe designer) and Jean Todt (Actress Michelle Yeoh's fiance and former Ferrari racing team boss)
as Malaysia goodwill ambassadors.

She "nearly "cried in Parliament recently under attack from the Oppositions for her lavish missions overseas. Her traveling bills hit RM 3.25 millions since her appointment last year.

One of her missions was to New Zealand. She described her trip to New Zealand (husband in tow) as "working mad" mission that including a helicopter landing on a Glacial. Her picture of the landing disgusted me to give up the idea of doing the same in my recent NZ trip.

She sucks the country.

She travels round the world but dare not dare to visit a small village (Bukit Koman) in her Raub constituency in state of Pahang.

To me, Aung San Suu Kyi is No 1 (my tumb) and Ng Yen Yen is the last toe of my right leg (the bad leg).










她的部门曾付出百万津贴给Jimmy Choo (著名的鞋设计师)及Jean Todt (杨紫琼的未婚夫,法拉利车队的老板),作为亲善大使的报酬,宣传马来西亚。。。(放屁)






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