Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whirlwind 24 hr. 旋风24小时

Called on Fr. Lucus Ng, Parish Priest of St. Ignitius Church

Visit to Guang Ren Center

Professor Peter Hsia from a technical university in Taichung attended 'Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and management system' conference in Melaka from Dec 7 to Dec 9.

On my invitation, he made a whirlwind 24-hour stop at Kajang. Besides visiting some churches, meeting friends, he also gave a talk to legionaries and friends at the Church of the Holy Rosary in Kuala Lumpur tonight (Dec 10) from 8:00pm to 10 pm.

The topic of the talk is :" Imitation of Mother Mary in the season of Advent"

Through his knowledge of church's teachings, broad traveling experience and personal relationship with God and Mother Mary, he delivered a moving and inspiring talk bringing participants into deeper communion with Jesus through Mary.

I personally gained a refreshing renewal in the meaning of celebrating Advent and Christmas.

He left for home on Saturday, Nov 11 on a 2:00 pm flight. God bless Prof Hsia with health and happiness always.









John said...

Simon, thank you for your kind support and all the arrangement.

John Peter Choo

Simon Phun said...

welcome..!are you still in China..?

Anonymous said...

No. I came back on 17.11.2010. Then busy with my own business.

Simon Phun said...

will go to Ipoh visit you one day catch up a bit lah..