Monday, January 17, 2011

RM 100.00 一百零吉

Reaching home in the evening, “reported” to my wife that I have spent RM100.00 today.

"what did you buy?"

"fruits..." I placed plastic bags full of fruit on the table for her to inspect.

"why so expensive?" she noted the fruits cost less that RM100.00.

" I bought other things too..."

Haha...I bought 8 pots of new year flowers! They cost RM60.00. I love new year flowers....and I am in "new year mood"!

Looking at the picture, my wife likes fruits more.... but she is the flower of my heart!!!



“ 水果。。。” 我把买回来的几包水果放在桌上。

“这么贵?” 太太知道这些水果不需一百零吉。

“我还买了年花...!” 迎春花,万紫千红。。。。



These flowers costing RM 5.00 per pot except the center one costing RM25.00. The blooms last for more than a month. (Price in Kajang is cheaper than in Sg Buloh)


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Jonathan said...

Dad, where are the decors I got from Melaka? Is it enough? I can get some to bring back this weekend :)

Simon Phun said...

Ya,it is quite enough...will post new year deco later..:D

Jonathan said...

ooooooo :)

Adeline said...

Dad, I want the flowers too. Can get for me kah? Put in apartment for 'ong' ah.. LOL