Saturday, May 28, 2011

Labouring over dumplings 粽子的忙碌

Dumpling 粽子(Zong Zi)


我的朋友陈少芳(李太)也是有福的人。上天除了给她吃福之外,还祝福了她多子多孙。也因为这样,上天更祝福了她多一样:碌 。。。有没有放错字?没有,的确是忙碌的“碌”!不过,别担心,因为忙碌,自然就会有福禄寿的“禄”了!(她早已有了)。





(观赏录影 Youtube)

It is rather difficult for me to write in English what have written in Chinese above ....but I will try my best...lah!

I am blessed with the good fortune ( 福 fook ) of food. I enjoy eating .... all kinds and all types of food.

My friend Chan Siew Fong (Mrs Lee) is also blessed with the same good fortune of food. God is gracious to bless her with many children and grandchildren too. Because of that God has given her extra blessing of Lok 碌 ( labouring, same sound as the Lok 禄 meaning prosperity). She has already attained the Lok of prosperity through the other Lok (labouring).

Another 10 days (6/6/2011), Chinese worldwide will be celebrating Dumplings Festival, the festival of Zong Zi. Chan found herself getting busy "wrapping" many many dumplings for long list of recipients:mother, sister, daughters, relatives and friends .... me included. She also tailor-makes for each individual: this bundle no egg yolk, this bundle no dry oyster, this one all in....

I am blessed for having a friend who can "wrap" delicious dumplings. Blessed is Chan who is good in "wrapping" dumplings, she is well-loved by family and friends!

To labouring (hard working) Chan .... we all love you !!!

( See video Youtube )

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Anonymous said...

Thank You uncle,yes I love my family.
my sistet& brother,and all my friends
I hope you enjoy your Zhong.

Agnes C said...

西满兄弟:你得确实有福的,你在天上积了许多福。看!你的粽子包含蛋,蚝 肉,冬菇,花生。。。 吃得是福,敢吃更有福!我就不敢吃牛肉了,多可惜!


Simon Phun said...