Monday, June 6, 2011

Kuching legion fellowship day 3 古晋交流会第一天

On the 2nd day of Kuching Fellowship Gathering, I found my right leg swollen from knee down. It was due to too much of walking.

My leg performed as good as "The good one". I walked normally and in fast pace. I have almost forgotten that I have a knee replacement 3 and a half months ago until I sat on the toilet seat on the night of second day... walao, my leg was swollen!

The most frequent greetings from fellow participants to me were:" how is your leg?"..."I read about is your knee now?"...."Is your leg better now?" I was touched by their concern and love expressed.

They could notice the difference, before and after..

Today's (3rd day) programme were talks in the morning, visit to churches in the afternoon. The afternoon programme were turned helter-skelter when heavy downpour coming down just after lunch.

The evening was free and easy to allow participants to explore the food in Kuching and for going shopping.

Joseph Wong's elder brother, a Kuching resident, invited a few of us including Fr. Thomas Park, for dinner at a restaurant to celebrate Duan Wu Jie fell on today.

Being Dumplig Festival, Organiser giving members a treat of dumplings during lunch



在交流会中,军友们最常用的问候词是:“你的脚怎样了?” “我在爱之光看到了。。。。现在全好了吗?” “你的脚复原了吗?”。 军友问候及关切之心,使我非常感动。





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