Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sr Adrianna's miracle 张修女的奇迹见证

Top left上左: Peter Cho兴文 (left左) and John Chin(陈伯雄).
Right 右: Kuching Laksa 古晋肋沙
Left: Hock Chiu herbal soup

Peter and I went for breakfast with John Chin at the same coffee shop which we ate on the first day of our arrival.

We ordered Kuching Laksa and Hock Chiu herbal soup. The herbal soup was great except it was not so good for our health... but again, we consoled ourselves: " once in a while is OK"!

After breakfast, we went to St. Theresa's Convent to visit Sister Adrianna Tiong, SSFS (Superior General of Sister of St. Francis Order).

As I have said earlier in my blog, Sr. Adrianna is a walking miracle.

On February 14 2007, hardly 3 months after being elected as Superior General, she was hospitalised for 9 days at the Cardiac Unit of Kuching General Hospital because of breathing difficulties and fluid in the lungs. A series of tests including Ultrasound and MRI, she was found to have one artery 100% blocked, second one with 90% blocked and third one partially blocked. The heart specialist advised immediate surgery to save her life.

However, her kidneys were found to have been shrunk by 80% , any heart surgery was not possible. Treating her kidneys and fluids in the lung were top priority for the time being.

She prayed for divine mercy and guidance .... praying very hard.

Her body responded to treatment well, soon she was discharged and recovering at home.

Sometimes later, she heard of the visit of healer Bob Canton from The Philippines. She was brought to attend his sessions praying for a healing.

On the second day, Bob Canton announced that:"The Lord wants to heal someone with congestive heart failure. He wants to give this person a new heart".

She was being prayed over, fell to the floor, feeling pain on her left chest, breathing heavy... and rest in the Lord.

Some one attested to have a vision of surgery taking place and saw a heart being taken out and replaced by a new one and the arteries being stitched together....

Believing she has been healed, she did not return to hospital for her heart surgery, instead traveled to Europe for meeting, making pilgrimage to many places including hilly San Giovanni Rotunto to pay homage to St. Padre Pio.

She is healed.

Should she go back to hospital for a heart scan to prove it?? No. She believed in the Lord and his healing. Going back to hospital to check is doubting our Lord's divine mercy.

The Lord has given her a new heart and she is living happily each day ... praising, thanking and serving Him.

Sister's sharing engrossed Peter and John Chin 兴文和伯雄全神贯注地倾听修女的分享






经过了详细的检查,包括超音波和磁波扫描(MRI),被发现心脏血管严重阻塞。一支血管全部阻塞,第二支90% 阻塞,第三支部分阻塞。医生劝告立刻进行心脏绕道手术。











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