Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gift of a new toy 新的玩具礼物

This evening, my son Jonathan, representing his two sisters, the trio presented me with an IPad as my retirement gift.

I said: " Wu Liao",

They said: " We love you Dad".

It was so inscribed on the back of the IPad.

They have the good intention of keeping me from senility. So used to Windows, I now have to learn the most in-thing in the world.... Wu Liao !

Thank you children for the new toy !

今天傍晚,儿子 Jonathan, 代表了他的姐姐及妹妹,三人送了我一个 IPad,作为我退休的礼物。

我说: “无聊”

他们说:“ 爹地,我们爱你”。

在IPad 的后面,就是如此的刻上。




Anthony said...


Anonymous said...

大佬,喔!看到你的安乐,福气,又是大餐,又去旅游,羡慕呀! 羡慕!我都想退休啊。。。

Pauline said...

Dad said, "don't ever put me in a home if I am mentality sound. The kids scratched their heads and came up with IPad to keep you from senility as long as possible. LOL!

Simon Phun said...




All parents love their children and all children love their parents. Each express in a very own different ways.

Because my blogging, others know my children.

May God bless all caring and loving parents and children who are not known to others.