Monday, August 1, 2011

The Hokkaido self-drive experiece 北海道自驾体验

1. Otaru (with video)

Self-drive holidays in Hokkaido is an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

We visited beautiful places, many were off the beaten tracks, enchanting scenery, met friendly and helpful locals. We learned a lot about Japanese culture - through interaction with the people, through food that we enjoyed, through shops we frequented and through driving on the roads.

Before we left, I was apprehensive and worry over few things.

1. Are Japanese friendly? We may need a lot of help from them.
2. The traffic and roads condition.
3. I was told by car rental company that an English speaking GPS would be provided but the map is in Japanese.
4. The traffic law enforcement is very strict, would I be able to cope?

My fear was dispelled immediately after taking possession of our rented 8-seater MPV, a Toyota Vellfire (Alphard) at Toyota Rent-A-Car office near New Chitose Airport.

When I made booking of the MPV in Malaysia, no payment or deposit is necessary. It based on trust!

I settled the rental by credit card and a friendly staff brought us to the MPV with registration No: 8888. She taught me how to use the GPS, the control of the car and handed me a set of maps.

Our first destination was Otaru, a beautiful coastal town about 1 hour from the airport.

The speed allowed on expressway varied from section to section. It was showed on electronic signboards, usually 70-80 km/h.

Roads are classified as national roads (toll free) and tolled expressway.

Throughout our 2000-km journey, we have not once use our car horn .... and I heard honking (non-aggressive) 3 times only!

See Facebook for pictures.

See Youtube for video

1. 小樽 (备用录影)





1. 日本人是不是友善呢?这旅程,我们需要他们好多的帮助。
2. 交通及道路的状况。
3. 根据汽车租赁公司的资料,随车将提供英语的卫星导航系统,但地图是日本语的。
4. 日本的交通执法很严格,我是否能够应对呢?

当我们抵达了本田(Toyota Rent-A-Car) 在千岁机场附近的办公室,领取了我们所租下的 Toyota Vellfire 八个座位的休闲车之后,疑虑及担心都消失了。




道路的行车速度每路段不同,通常都是在70 - 80 公里之间,以电子板显现。



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