Monday, October 3, 2011

Appreciation 感激

午餐后 Casually... after lunch ..... LP Ng (左left) and TP Ng.

In business, customers need the support of suppliers... suppliers need the support of customers.

Business is a two way relationship ... a mutual respect and beneficial relationship.

I started my business with little capital ... it is really so little that I am shy to mention. Thanks to the support of my suppliers, I survived!

For the past 35 years, I had a few suppliers to rely on ... among others, the major one being .......

First ... Mobil Chemical ....

Then Exxon Chemical ......

Then ExxonMobil Chemical after their merger...

Then ... Samchem, when ExxonMobil decided to hand over the Intermediate chemicals division to its Super-agent....

That was when I came to know its Marketing Manager Eugene Chan (then Marketing executive ) ... about 10 years ago.

As my retirement plan kicked in, I visited Eugene at his office in Shah Alam today, to express my thanks and appreciation for him and his company's unwavering past support.

I was pleasantly surprised for being welcomed by company CEO Mr. T.P Ng and his partner Datuk L.P Ng.

Instead, they expressed appreciation for my past support and bought me Bak Kut Teh lunch ....

The Ng brothers were simple and down to earth. We laughed and joked on many interesting topics over lunch and had a jolly fellowship over delicious Bak Kut Teh!

My greatest appreciation especially to Eugene whom I had a very good working relationship, and his bosses for their support, and sincerely wishing all of them happiness, prosperity and continued success in all their business undertakings.

God bless you all !



生意的关系,是双向的 。。。。顾客与供应商之间的相互尊重及互惠的关系。



最初,Mobil Chemical 无比(飞马)化学公司。。。

接着有 Exxon 美孚化学公司。。。


后来,ExxonMobil 把它们的中流化学部分交给了特委经销商。。。。

也因这,我才认识了Samchem (森化集团的市场经理Eugene(当时他任营业执行员)。那大约是10年前了。

如今,我的退休计划已经在进行中,所以我今天特地到Eugene 在沙亚南的公司探访他,亲自表达他及公司在过去给我的支持。

我很欣喜的受到公司总裁TP Ng 及伙伴LP Ng 的欢迎。



我非常感谢Eugene 及他的老板所给予我的支持,特别是Euguene,我们有着非常愉快的商业联系。



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