Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adventure, food and fellowship 探幽,美食及联谊

The story.

In the early eighties, Tachi Qigong 18 styles was the most popular Taichi & Qigong exercise among the Chinese community in Malaysia. This exercise was originated from Mainland China but popularized by the Indonesian Chinese.

On August 1986. The then Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Henriot gave the permission allowing me to start Holy Family Taichi Qigong Exercise Group which also open to non-Christians' participation. (Fr. Henriot suffered a stroke ten days ago. He is recuperating in Assunta Hospital,P.J.Able to move limbs but unable to speak)

The main objectives of the group were and still are : 1) to promote Taichi Qigong exercise for good health and well being, 2) To foster friendship and understanding among parishioners, and with Kajang non-Christian community.

It charged no fee and solicited no money. All it needed were an open space and a plug point for a small cassette/CD player for exercise music.

The car park of the church was the most suitable place. And on this car park, we have been through 25 years, or 7800 happy exercise days, building up health and friendship, happiness and comradeship!

As part of the anniversary celebrations, we organized an outing to Gua Tempurung and Kuala Sepetang water chalet on Nov. 17th & 18th.

Gua Tempurung (Coconut shell caves) is the largest cave in Peninsular Malaysia. It is located near Gopeng town, which is about 25 km from Ipoh.

About 30 of us, age ranges from 3 to 73 years old, picked the two and a half hour guided tour which led us 64o steps up to the "top of the world" formation and another 200 plus steps down to the underground river adventure. Other with medical condition chose the easier half an hour tour.

It is a magnificent cave system comparable with Mulu Caves. I really enjoyed the tour. (see pictures in Facebook and video in Youtube)





这组织的主要目的是:1. 推动太极气功十八式,鼓励教友练习强身健体,保持健康。2. 促进教友们之间,以及教友与非教友团体间的友谊及共融。这宗旨到目前为止仍然保持不变,但可惜的是参与教友从大多数,已经跌到了不到十五巴仙,不过共融及联谊的精神,却与日并进。



为庆祝成立25年,在17及18日,我们举办了椰壳洞 -十八丁旅游。



椰壳洞的确是非常大壮观,可以和姆鲁山洞比美,我非常的喜欢此游。(可看Facebook照片Youtube 录影

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