Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back-packed & train ride 背包火车行

Today, I took KTM commuter train to Kuala Lumpur to visit my old friend David Chia and Raymond Ong. Have not been taking train for about 3 years !

I parked my car securely at our church carpark and walked 10 minutes to the train station.

The ride was smooth and comfortable .... until we reached Seputih station. Something wronged somewhere ... it remained stationary for about twenty minutes, then moving slowly to Mid-valley station.

"Turun, turun, turun, train rosak ...(get down, get down, train broke down..)" the train driver were yelling to passengers as if he was herding the sheep. Apparently we have to get down due to some mechanical fault of the train.

We boarded the next train which was rather full.

From Kuala Lumpur main station, I walked about 20 minutes to David Chia's office at Petaling Street.

We had the famous beef noodles for lunch. Later, David brought me to a tea stall to have tea and the famous curry puff of Petaling Street ...... Two bites of curry puff, one sip of tea .... such a leisure and pleasure .... plenty of catching up and fellowship.

I left at about 2:30 pm.

A wonderful day indeed for me !

Beef noodle 牛肉面
Delicious 老总说:赞

David (center) & Raymond


今天早上,把车安稳的停放在教堂的停车场,走了十分钟的路程,到火车站乘搭电动火车(KTM Commuter)到吉隆坡,探访老朋友谢家强(老总)及王秀明。



我在吉隆坡总站下车,步行大约20分钟,到茨厂街(Petaling Street)谢家强的办公室。



Back-packing, walking and sightseeing 背包,步行及观赏

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