Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fusion cuisine

Attended a Chinese couple's wedding dinner at a bungalow converted restaurant called Passion Road at Jln Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.

I presumed it was a Chinese dinner. Quite disappointed, it served "Asia Flavored" food, especially Nyonya food.

For starter, it is Fish soup with white fungus and papaya.....

And the dessert: Fried banana with jack-fruit and syrup...

For the young and trendy, it is called fusion cuisine, for the uninitiated uncle like me, it is simply Lang boh Tee lang, gui boh tee gui (Neither human nor ghost).

From these two items, you can imaging how was the dinner...!

Plates of a few aunties were seen with unfinished pineapple fried rice...





对年轻及潮流者而言,这是『多国籍混杂料理』(Fusion cuisine),对我这种无知及不会欣赏的安哥来说,这是“人不像人,鬼不像鬼”。。




Adeline said...

Dad.... I told you what, that they serve Asian-fusion cuisine. Haha. So you pergi mamak to makan after that? :-P

Simon Phun said...

The place is not suitable to hold traditional Chinese dinner...but for young people, style and trendy are important.

I walloped more rice to fill my stomach.

And they served Lemon grass tea...eyak!! serai drink!! all the aunties "beh tahan".