Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crocodile and alligator

NO to airport tax increase, No to Air Asia the Big Bully

Tony Fernandez, owner of Air Asia, seems to be The Hero by rejecting the increase of airport tax imposed by Malayisia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB). He is protecting our (passengers) pockets!

But on the other hand, Air Asia, in the past years, and is continuing to add various types of fees, charges to passengers at its whim and fancy, without "consulting us", without considering our "shrinking pockets".

Just name a few:

Calling Air Asia hot-line for assistance, you will be charged an exorbitant RM1.95 per minute! Only a shameless corporation would charge for customer service!(a distress call to Air Asia Computerised Customer Service Center can cost RM15.00 upwards! and yet the problem remains unsolved)

You will be slapped with RM16.00 convenience fee if you pay your booking with credit card ... shameless!

RM200.00 processing fee for changing schedule .......

Air Asia has grown from a tiny humble budget airline to a Powerful Ugly BIG BULLY budget airline, AND Tony Fernandez is bullying the MAHB by refusing to pay..... !!

Either way, between the crocodile and alligator, we the passengers are the losers.

We do not need Tony Fernandez to champion our cause ! He has made enough of money to fuel his high flying F1, go on to enjoy your life Tony the Bully!

(Any local charitable cause undertaken by Air Asia?)


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