Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Diamond jubilee 钻婚之庆

1951 ^

2011 ^


六十年前的那一天 (27-12-1951),岳父和岳母两人,携手步入无染原罪圣母教堂,在天主的面前,缔结连理,共度一生的婚姻生活。

二十五年后, 在 25-11-1976的那一天,我也进入同一间教堂,迎娶了他们的次女。假如岳父母的婚姻是模范,那我还得再走至少二十五年呢!我突然有了脚软的感觉!

六十年是段好长的日子,充满了风风雨雨,包含了好多的忧虑与纷争,泪水与汗滴,悲伤与喜乐 。。。他们都一一克服及度过。




We went down south to Johor Baru, not only to celebrate Christmas with my parents in law, but also their 60th diamond wedding anniversary.

60 years ago, on 27-12-1951, father and mother in law walked into the Church of the Immaculate Conception, in front of God, committed to their wedding vows, to a life of wedded union.

25 years later, on 25-11-1976, I entered into the same church to wed their 2nd daughter . Taking them as the model, I have to trod at least another 25 years to reach the diamond anniversary ... Suddenly, I have the knee-jerk sensations.

60 years is a long long time. It filled with many laughters and tears, worries and anxieties, sickness and health ... and they persevered and prevailed.

My father in law is already 85 years of age but still healthy and active, with no heart or blood pressure problems. My mother in law is almost 80 years old and living busily. She participated actively in legion visitation and other activities.

It was a low-key family celebration. A Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated at home by Rev. Fr. Peter from Sydney, Australia. He was en-route to Vietnam and made a special stopover for the occasion on the invitation by Ben, one of the many grandsons who is residing in Sydney.

Thanks and praise to God for his blessings and Graces. (more pics in Facebook)

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