Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life is .... 人生就是。。。



Just two weeks ago, I shared with my wife of my thoughts ... how is this guy doing .... how many kids and how old are they now ....

Not seeing him for more about 13 years ... and suddenly, a call came 3 days before Christmas:" I am coming over with my family for a holiday ..."

On 28-12-2011 (Wednesday), we finally met up... and he has not changed much except his children are bigger now. The last time we saw him in Sibu was during his wife's confinement after delivering their first child ... and she is 14 years old now.

Jackie Ting, his wife, 3 children and mother in law, were on holiday in Kuala Lumpur. His brothre in law John and wife Winnie, whom we have not met before, brought them to Genting and Malaka ... and to my house.

Another surprise! Winnie is the doctor my wife consulted two weeks ago in Serdang Hospital Orthopedic department ..!! My wife said: " I recognised you ..."

All praise and thanks to Allah Almighty!!



在28-12-2011 星期三,我们终于再见面了,他没有多大的改变,只是孩子长大了。我们最后一次见面是在诗巫,当时她的太太刚产下了他们的第一个孩子,现在都已经十四岁了!

陈冉颖,太太及三个孩子,及岳母一起,到吉隆坡来度假。他住在这里的小舅John, 太太Winnie, 陪同他们到布城,云顶及马六甲游玩,然后一起来到了我的家。

另一个惊奇,从来没见过面的Winnie, 原来是在沙登医院服务,刚在两个星期前,太太在骨科部门还见过她,受她诊治呢! 所以太太说:“我认得你呢!”



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的确是时候我和他再见面了。。。Alice, 祝你新年快乐!