Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter festival 冬至

It is raining season in Malaysia (monsoon weather). It is cloudy, drizzling right now (10:30am), temperature 26 degree C (80 degree F).

Chinese throughout the world are celebrating Winter Festival (Winter Solstice) today.

It is one month before Lunar Chinese New Year. (First day of the New Year falls on 23/1/2012).

The festival is celebrated by eating Tangyuan and a family dinner.

Like many other families, our children are staying outside and overseas and not expected to be home, so me and my wife would be ... no celebration.

However, our friend Mrs Lee has invited us to join their family dinner tonight !

It is the spirit that matters.







queen_of_bee said...

happy Winter Solstice day! and merry christmas to you & family!

Simon Phun said...

My Queen, you should see the next post to admire .... Thanks!