Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food 食粮

Food ... again? not for me.

Visited old friend at the nursing home. Brought her favourite roast pork and Chinese sausages. She enjoyed the food very much.

Then visited Fr. Henriot at the Little Sister of the Poor home at Cheras.

Fr. Henriot has recovered quite well from the recent stroke. He was on wheelchair but alert. He is able to move both hands and legs, standing up with assistance, and not able to speak yet.

He has already taken his lunch. So we brought him his favourite spiritual food - The Rosary. We recited Rosary together in his room .... he dozed off ... rest in the peace of the Lord! (pic bottom)


今天去疗养院探望了老朋友,带了她的最爱 - 烧肉和香肠。她喜欢极了,吃了好多。



他已经用了午餐,我们带来了他最爱的精神粮食 - 玫瑰经。我们一同到他房间共诵玫瑰经时,他也静静的睡了。。。在主的平安内休息。

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